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My name is Lucinda, I am the owner of The Forest of Ancestry. In 2017, I created the service as a way to protect our trees and green spaces. I created the idea in 2016 while I was following the Anti-Fracking campaign at Woodburn Forest. I wanted to find a way to protect our trees.  

I have experienced death from a young age but in 2016, I lost my Dad unexpectedly. We had no plans in place for his funeral, so it was a learning curve for me, at a very stressful time. I wanted to honour my Dad and who he was, but I felt restricted within his faith of Christianity. So, I chose sermons that were uplifting and hymns that did not dwell on sadness, as this was not who my Dad was. This may be why I choose to celebrate life as much as possible! For his cremation ceremony, we played  T-Rex - I Love To Boogie. This is not a standard funeral song but it said a lot to those who knew Dad and I found it comforting yet bittersweet. I still do. 

I differ in faith from my family, as I converted to Nichiren Buddhism and I observe the Pagan holidays. Therefore, I find that traditional burials and services within Northern Ireland, do not represent my beliefs or allow freedom to celebrate the life of the deceased. I want to help provide an environment that celebrates life & allows people to feel comforted while mourning/celebrating their loved one.

I could not have gotten this far, without all the help and support I have received. I am so grateful to the Antrim Enterprise, who have been a vital part of the journey from the beginning and I suppose is technically the original home of the Forest of Ancestry! I would also like to thank the staff at Mallusk Enterprise, for their support and guidance. Last but not least, I would like to thank my family and friends, who supported me when it was just a wild idea by a tree hugger! A special thank you to my daughters, who contribute in their own ways, whether it is by designing the logo (yes, my 13yo designed it!) or it's advertising the business, handing out business cards to anyone they meet! 

Rooted in the ethos of the Forest Of Ancestry, is protection for the environment as well as supporting our local communities. It does not make sense to keep using our green spaces for traditional burials, when we have kinder alternatives.

Currently, my services are limited to 'At Home' burials only. The Living Memorial Packages offer a variety to suit your needs. The packages are only available in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.​ The Bios Urns are available for individual purchase within UK & Ireland.

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Published: 06/01/2022

In my pursuit of funding for land, or more accurately, in my preparation to launch a GoFundMe campaign, I created the 32 County Challenge. The plan was to photograph myself at a natural landscape within each county of Ireland. I planned to spend Summer 2021 completing the challenge and a challenge it sure was! While in Wexford, my daughter set fire to the cooker at home (in Northern Ireland), my exhaust fell off somewhere after the Kerry Mountains and all of this was on a non existent budget! The joys of being a start up! 

I had hoped to have the 32 County Challenge completed by early August, as I had to prepare my children for 'Back to School'. The joys of being a working, single Mum! Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the challenge on time, with 15 counties left to visit. Shout out to counties: Meath, Westmeath, Longford, Cavan, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, Wicklow, Laois, Offaly, Fermanagh and Donegal. I hope to see you later in the year, to conclude the challenge.

Even though it had its moments, I enjoyed every minute of the challenge. So, rather than keep all the pictures to myself, I thought I would share some of what I have so far, so they can help remind us why we need to fight harder against climate change. Let's keep the Emerald Isle green and make changes for climate change. 

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Each Living Memorial package comes with a consultation at your home or Living Memorial site. The consultation will determine which package suits your preferences and enable the Forest of Ancestry to determine the correct positioning for the tree or shrub to thrive. Knowing the environment will help us determine what tree or shrub is also suitable. The cremated remains are taken away to be transferred and returned as the Living Memorial.

Packages B - D include the preparation of the memorial plot. This is a general tidy up of the outdoor space and applies to a small - medium sized domestic garden. A large garden or one that requires extensive maintenance may incur extra costs. A Living Memorial embedded outdoors, will come in a biodegradable fabric pot.

Package D includes a memorial service management. This applies if the service is at the Living Memorial location. We are happy to liaise with your preferred faith Minister to deliver the service or a Humanist celebrant can be obtained. 

The Bios Urns are available for individual purchase. This will incur a postage charge. Currently purchases can only be made via our Facebook page or Ebay. 

The Forest of Ancestry is dedicated to helping you celebrate the life of your loved one. If you require more information, please get in touch.




  • Bios Urn & Transfer of Ashes

  • Choice of Tree/Shrub

  • Planting of Tree/Shrub




  • Bios Urn & Transfer of Ashes

  • Choice of Tree/Shrub

  • Planting of Tree/Shrub

  • Preparation of Memorial Plot




  • Bios Urn & Transfer of Ashes

  • Choice of Tree/Shrub

  • Planting of Tree/Shrub

  • Preparation of Memorial Plot

  • Collection of Ashes from Crematorium




  • Bios Urn & Transfer of Ashes

  • Choice of Tree/Shrub

  • Planting of Tree/Shrub

  • Preparation of Memorial Plot

  • Collection of Ashes from Crematorium

  • Memorial Service management

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This Bios Urn is suitable for the cremated remains of humans or a large pet/animal

Bios Urn - Small.png



This Bios Urn is suitable for the cremated remains of a small pet/animal.

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